About Me

“There is no pride in making a beautiful Photo. The stage is already stunning and a photographer  is there to  steal the moment” A good friend once told me that there is no pride in making a beautiful Photo. The stage is already stunning and a photographer is there to  steal the moment. These days everyone can capture a picture. But are they really watching? Real people, real environments, real emotions can be inspiring to tell a story. Whether it is an empty, dreamy or angry story, it is there..surprising us. I like to be inspired by pretty images and take charge when it happens. With a commercial background, where I learned how to show concepts to a bigger audience, I’m still searching the balance between staging and coincidences.  I’d like to be creative with my mind and visualize it. I build the trust, the image, but it will never turn out the way I wanted it to be. I have to go with the concept that is already given. And show it to you.

My father was a painter, who got rejected at Art schools because he could not see colours.  He inspired me to go to an art school that specialized in Crafts and Advertising. I learned how to work on the presentation of a concept or  a creative idea. School showed me how important technique is, but also the visual communication with the viewer. When I moved to London I followed life dawning and portfolio photography. The story was more important than the techniques that I have learned. I was intrigued by  the respect that a photographer has to show, when you are ‘stealing’ a moment.  In these crazy times, I have found the courage to start my own business. I got accepted to Arts an Economic  in Utrecht where one day I hope to graduate with all the skills and knowing to ‘sell’ my vision and the vision of others.  After all, the visions thrive on the movement of the society.